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Back to back: postnatal osteopathic care


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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment,Visceral and pregnancy

Pract Midwife. 2013 May;16(5):26-7.


Chris Johnson


There is growing recognition of the role that osteopathy can play in the treatment of women during pregnancy (King et al 2003; Sandler 1996; Green 2000). It is usual for the osteopathic training colleges to run a pregnancy clinic and give students the opportunity to focus on the particular changes the body will go through from a neuro-musculo-skeletal view point during this unique period of a woman's life. Also, osteopathy can help make a difference in a woman's overall antenatal care by using gentle procedures to help alleviate many common pregnancy related ailments. A recent literature review (Lavelle 2012) found that this included not only relief of pain for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions but also a reduction in the duration of labour and the avoidance of some complications of labour. To date, there has been less of a focus on what osteopathy can provide women postnatally; indeed, within the profession, there has been little research carried out in this area. However, many osteopaths are confident in the results they can achieve working with postnatal mothers, based on a sound working hypothesis of osteopathic principles.

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2013 May



Johnson, C. (2013) 'Back to back: postnatal osteopathic care ', Pract Midwife. 2013 May;16(5):26-7.

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