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Caudal spinal cord ischemia after lumbar vertebral manipulation


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Structural and chiropractic

Joint Bone Spine.2004 Jul;71(4):334-7.


X Morandi, L Riffaud, J Houedakor, S F A Amlashi, G Brassier, P Gallien


Neurological complications after lumbar spine manipulation are uncommon. The cause is usually a herniated disk or displaced bony structure. We report a case of paraplegia that developed a few hours after manipulation of the lumbar spine. Magnetic resonance imaging was consistent with ischemia of the caudal spinal cord. No disk fragment or bony structure impinging on the spinal cord was seen. Spinal cord ischemia may deserve to be added to the list of possible adverse events after lumbar spine manipulation.

Publication Date: 

2004 Jul



Morandi, X., Riffaud, L., Houedakor, J., Amlashi, AFS., Brassier, G., Gallien, P. (2004) 'Caudal spinal cord ischemia after lumbar vertebral manipulation', Joint Bone Spine.2004 Jul;71(4):334-7.

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