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Characteristics of Chiropractic Patients Being Treated for Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain


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Structural and chiropractic

J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2018 Jul-Aug;41(6):445-455.


P M Herman, M Kommareddi, M E Sorbero, C M Rutter, R D Hays, L G Hilton, G W Ryan, I D Coulter


Objectives: Chronic low back pain (CLBP) and chronic neck pain (CNP) are the most common types of chronic pain, and chiropractic spinal manipulation is a common nonpharmacologic treatment. This study presents the characteristics of a large United States sample of chiropractic patients with CLBP and CNP.Methods: Data were collected from chiropractic patients using multistage systematic stratified sampling with 4 sampling levels: regions and states, sites (ie, metropolitan areas), providers and clinics, and patients. The sites and regions were San Diego, California; Tampa, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Seneca Falls and Upstate New York; Portland, Oregon; and Dallas, Texas. Data were collected from patients through an iPad-based prescreening questionnaire in the clinic and emailed links to full screening and baseline online questionnaires. The goal was 20 providers or clinics and 7 patients with CLBP and 7 with CNP from each clinic.Results: We had 6342 patients at 125 clinics complete the prescreening questionnaire, 3333 patients start the full screening questionnaire, and 2024 eligible patients completed the baseline questionnaire: 518 with CLBP only, 347 with CNP only, and 1159 with both. In general, most of this sample were highly-educated, non-Hispanic, white females with at least partial insurance coverage for chiropractic care who have been in pain and using chiropractic care for years. Over 90% reported high satisfaction with their care, few used narcotics, and avoiding surgery was the most important reason they chose chiropractic care.Conclusions: Given the prevalence of CLBP and CNP, the need to find effective nonpharmacologic alternatives for chronic pain, and the satisfaction these patients found with their care, further study of these patients is worthwhile.

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2018 Jul-Aug



Herman, MP., Kommareddi, M., Sorbero, EM., Rutter, MC., Hays, DR., Hilton, GL., Ryan, WG., Coulter, DI. (2018) 'Characteristics of Chiropractic Patients Being Treated for Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain', J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2018 Jul-Aug;41(6):445-455.

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