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Chiropractic clinical research: progress and recommendations


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Structural and chiropractic

J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2006 Nov-Dec;29(9):695-706.


M Haas, G Bronfort, R L Evans


Objective: The purpose of this white paper is to help inform the chiropractic clinical research agenda with a focus on the United States. Methods and discussion: The recommendations and action items from 2 previous articles published in 1997 are discussed within the context of 3 broad topics: research culture, research infrastructure, and clinical research studies. Progress made toward the action items in these areas is summarized. A summary of findings is presented of the most influential clinical research studies during the past decade performed by or with major contributions by chiropractic investigators. In light of the current evidence and previous recommendations, new clinical research recommendations are proposed. Conclusions: Based on the assessment of the scientific literature and research currently underway, it is evident that members of the chiropractic research community have made important progress in becoming active players in the clinical research arena. During the past decade, the work of chiropractic researchers has contributed substantially to the amount and quality of the evidence for or against spinal manipulation in the management of low back pain, neck pain, headache, and other conditions.

Publication Date: 

2006 Nov-Dec



Haas, M., Bronfort, G., Evans, LR. (2006) 'Chiropractic clinical research: progress and recommendations', J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2006 Nov-Dec;29(9):695-706.

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