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Chiropractic management of pediatric plantar fasciitis: a case report


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J Chiropr Med.2012 Mar;11(1):58-63.


Clinton J Daniels, Adam P Morrell


Objective: The purpose of this report is to present the case of a 10-year-old football player with bilateral plantar fasciitis who improved with a multimodal conservative approach using chiropractic treatment. Clinical features: The patient presented with bilateral plantar heel pain at the origin of the plantar fascia with a duration of 3 weeks. Intervention and outcome: Treatment was provided for 6 visits over a 6-week period. Chiropractic care consisted of manipulative therapy, soft tissue therapy, and home rehabilitation exercises. The soft tissue technique (Graston Technique) was performed to the origin of the plantar fascia and the triceps surae bilaterally. High-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation was applied to the restricted ankle mortise joint. After 6 treatments, the patient reported resolution of foot pain bilaterally and improvements in activities of daily livings. Three months later, the patient reported no further complications and the absence of pain. Conclusion: This patient with bilateral plantar fasciitis improved after a course of a multimodal treatment approach using chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue therapy in addition to exercise and stretching therapies.

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2012 Mar



Daniels, JC., Morrell, PA. (2012) 'Chiropractic management of pediatric plantar fasciitis: a case report', J Chiropr Med.2012 Mar;11(1):58-63.

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