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Chiropractic Management Using Multimodal Therapies on 2 Pediatric Patients With Constipation


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J Chiropr Med.2017 Dec;16(4):340-345.


Madhu Mia Iyer, Evangelia Skokos, Denise Piombo


Objective: The purpose of this case report is to describe chiropractic management of 7-month-old male twins who had had constipation since birth. Clinical features: Identical male twins presented with the chief complaint of constipation and bloating. Both patients were born premature after 29 weeks of gestation and had invasive abdominal surgeries in the right lower quadrant resulting in healed postsurgical scars. Patient A underwent ileostomy for a perforation in his ileum. Patient B underwent surgery to repair an inguinal hernia. Motion palpation restrictions indicated bilateral sacroiliac, cervical, and thoracic joint restrictions. Intervention and outcome: The treatment plan included chiropractic manipulation, acupressure stimulation, and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. Manipulation of the sacroiliac, cervical, and thoracic spine joint restrictions was performed using minimal force. Cross-frictional massage and myofascial manipulation and scar tissue mobilization of the abdominal scar in the right lower quadrant were performed. Acupressure stimulation was performed on both patients' feet. Both patients had improved bowel movements after the first treatment. Patient A had 5 weeks of treatment (2 visits per week). Patient B had 4 weeks of treatment (2 visits per week). The patients' clinical progress improved, and once the goal of regular bowel movements was reached, as confirmed by their mother, follow-up visits were reduced to once a week and gradually to once a month. Conclusion: Both pediatric patients with constipation responded to chiropractic care using multimodal therapies.

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2017 Dec



Iyer, MM., Skokos, E., Piombo, D. (2017) 'Chiropractic Management Using Multimodal Therapies on 2 Pediatric Patients With Constipation', J Chiropr Med.2017 Dec;16(4):340-345.

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