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Chronic tonsillitis and the upper cervical spine (author's transl)


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Sb Lek.1975 Jan;77(1):30-2.


K Lewit, M Abrahamovic


The authors investigated 46 patients with chronic tonsillitis. Only in 5 (11% blockage in the craniocervical junction were absent. The most frequently affected segment was between the occipital bone and the atlas (in 36 patients), between the atlas and axis in two and between the axis and C3 in three patients. In 28 treatment was only surgical. There blockage disappeared only in four, in two blockage developed operation. Five patients were treated before operation also by manipulation. There the blockage relapsed only once. In 10 treatment was by manipulation only. During the observation period (from 3-9 months) not a single relapse of blockage or tonsillitis was observed during the winter period.

Publication Date: 

1975 Jan



Lewit, K., Abrahamovic, M. (1975) 'Chronic tonsillitis and the upper cervical spine (author's transl)', Sb Lek.1975 Jan;77(1):30-2.

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