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Correlation between Pressure Pain Threshold and Soft Tissue Displacement in Muscle Pain Conditions


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J Med Assoc Thai.2015 Jun;98 Suppl 5:S68-73.


Sirikam Somprasong, Keerin Mekhora, Roongtiwa Vachalathiti, Sopa Pichaiyongwongdee


Objective: To determine the correlation between pressure pain threshold (PPT), displacement pain threshold (DI) and pain visual analog scale (VAS) in patients with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and myofascial pain syndrome (MPS). Material and method: PPT and DPT were measured in the same time by modified Algometer commander. This study used the algometer for measuring PPT (N/cm2), in three groups of subjects, including DOMS (n=10), MPS (n=10), and asymptomatic (n=10). The DPT represented the displacement of the algometer probe on the skin in millimeters, while measuring PPT The DOMS was induced in the non-dominant biceps brachii muscle. The subjects with active myofascial trigger point (MTrP) at the upper trapezius muscle were recruited into the MPS group. DOMS group rated pain by VAS during elbow movement, while the MPS group rated at resting. Spearman's rank coefficient of correlation was usedfor data analysis. Results: The results showed correlation between PPT and DPT in the asymptomatic biceps brachii muscle (r = 0.77, p = 0.001) andDOMS group (r(s) = 0.65, p = 0.04). No correlation wasfound between MPS and the asymptomatic upper trapezius muscle. Conclusion: A correlation was found between PPTandDPT in biceps brachii muscles. Thisfinding suggested that to assess the DOMS, the PPT and DPT accurately are requiredfor identifying pain and tissue softness.

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2015 Jun



Somprasong, S., Mekhora, K., Vachalathiti, R., Pichaiyongwongdee, S. (2015) 'Correlation between Pressure Pain Threshold and Soft Tissue Displacement in Muscle Pain Conditions', J Med Assoc Thai.2015 Jun;98 Suppl 5:S68-73.

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