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Fluctuating hearing loss associated with Halo vest application


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Structural and chiropractic

J Laryngol Otol.2009 Jan;123(1):e5.


C R Davies-Husband, J S Phillips, A J Innes


Objective: We report the unique case of a 16-year-old man presenting with sudden and profound left-sided hearing loss following application of a Halo vest. Methods: Case report and review of the world literature concerning spinal realignment procedures, spinal manipulation and Halo vest application. Results: A 16-year-old man presented to the ENT clinic with sudden and profound left-sided hearing loss after undergoing posterior release of a fixed flexion extension deformity of the cervical spine and Halo vest application. The hearing loss slowly improved until the patient disrupted the Halo vest while boarding a bus. Regular audiometry documented the progress of the patient's hearing loss. Conclusion: Procedures that significantly alter the established bony anatomy of the neck can be associated with profound audiological deficit through disturbance of the vertebrobasilar arterial system. Such a phenomenon may be associated with application or disruption of a Halo vest.

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2009 Jan



Davies-husband, RC., Phillips, SJ., Innes, JA. (2009) 'Fluctuating hearing loss associated with Halo vest application', J Laryngol Otol.2009 Jan;123(1):e5.

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