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Health information and promotion in chiropractic clinics


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Structural and chiropractic

J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2002 May;25(4):240-5.


J Jamison


Objective: To explore the current health education behaviors of chiropractors, ascertain their willingness to provide patient counseling, and compare this with topics of interest to chiropractic patients. Methods: This study involved a postal survey of 400 randomly selected members of the Chiropractic Association of Australia (35% response rate) and a semistructured interview of 316 patients attending one of 20 purposively selected chiropractic practices. Data were collated, and the current health information practices of chiropractic respondents and their willingness to undertake counseling on various topics was identified and compared with the information interests of participating patients. Particular emphasis was placed on injury prevention both with respect to patient counseling and chiropractic practice risk. Results: Respondents expressed varying degrees of willingness to provide health information on diverse topics, but no clear health education chiropractic practice pattern emerged. Although expressing willingness to undertake counseling, respondents were more likely to provide health information brochures than develop a tailored health promotion contract. Health education topics ranged from exercise (91%) to osteoporosis prevention (23%). Seventy-eight percent of chiropractors were prepared to offer counseling on injury prevention, yet 45% of respondents themselves reported having some work-related injury. Maintenance care failed to emerge as a global term for describing a common core of topics or chiropractic health education practices. Conclusion: This study demonstrated an interest by chiropractors in providing and by chiropractic patients in obtaining health information that extends beyond spinal health. The range of relevant topics covered and modes used for health information transmission in chiropractic practice requires clarification. The prevalence of work-related injury among chiropractors suggests a need to develop safe chiropractic clinical practice protocols.

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2002 May



Jamison, J. (2002) 'Health information and promotion in chiropractic clinics', J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2002 May;25(4):240-5.

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