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Intestinal osteopathy following partial gastric resection


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Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 1992 Jan 31;117(5):177-80.


H Schäfer, C Baerwald


26 years after a partial gastric resection (Billroth II) for recurrent gastric ulcer a 62-year-old man developed severe intestinal osteopathy. For three years he had increasing pain in the lower back and hip with a noticeable waddling gait. Serum concentration of calcium (2.0 mmol/l) and 25-hydroxy-vitamin D3 (38 mmol/l) were reduced, those of alkaline phosphatase (572 U/l) and parathormone (532 pg/ml) increased. Radiology demonstrated Looser's zones in the ribs and iliac crest. Osteodensitometry showed obviously diminished bone density. Iliac crest biopsy revealed signs of osteomalacia and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Within three months of starting oral vitamin D3 and calcium the symptoms had definitely receded and serum concentrations of calcium and alkaline phosphatase had become normal (2.4 mmol/l and 156 U/l, respectively). Osteopathic symptoms are often the expression of an abnormal calcium/phosphate metabolism. The cause often lies in the gastrointestinal tract; not rarely it is a late complication of a gastrojejunostomy.

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1992 Jan



Schäfer, H., Baerwald, C. (1992) 'Intestinal osteopathy following partial gastric resection', Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 1992 Jan 31;117(5):177-80.

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