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Musculoskeletal changes immediately following acupuncture


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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Am J Chin Med (Gard City N Y). 1977 Spring;5(1):79-84.


R M Roppel, F L Mitchell Jr, K C Ch'an


Electrically augmented acupuncture stimulation was applied to two volunteer subjects who presented with a variety of symptoms. The subjects were given osteopathic musculoskeletal examinations immediately before and after acupuncture stimulation. Prior to stimulation, both subjects were found to have musculoskeletal dysfunctions affecting a number of body regions. After acupuncture had been administered at loci selected with reference to traditional methodology, some but not all of the dysfunctions were found to be altered in the direction of normalization. Those which had changed were the ones judged most likely to be related to the symptoms of the subjects.

Publication Date: 

1977 Jan



Roppel, MR., Jr, MitchellLF., Ch'an, CK. (1977) 'Musculoskeletal changes immediately following acupuncture ', Am J Chin Med (Gard City N Y). 1977 Spring;5(1):79-84.

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