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Perceptions of COVID-19 vaccines among osteopathic medical students (OMS)


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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Int J Osteopath Med. 2021 Dec;42:23-28.


Taysir Al Janabi, Ravi Chinsky, Maria A Pino 


Background: Research has shown that physicians' recommendations are one of the top predictors for individuals to receive vaccines. This study examined the perceptions of new COVID-19 vaccines among the medical students at the X and the factors that influenced their opinions.

Objective: To measure X students' perception of a new COVID-19 vaccine and the factors which drive their opinions.

Methods: An electronic survey of 37 questions was distributed to Osteopathic Medical Students (OMS I-IV) of X in October of 2020.

Results: 1770 total students received the survey, and 197 responded (11%). 45% (88/197) of the respondents reported that they would receive new COVID-19 vaccines if they were available at the time of the survey, while 19% (37/197) reported that they had not yet decided. Confidence in the US healthcare system, pharmaceutical trust, the United States Food and Drug Administration's (FDA)'s minimum effectiveness level, adequate vaccine testing, additional vaccine dose, and antivaccine acquaintances were significant predictors of intended vaccine uptake.

Conclusions: Our findings confirmed a low acceptance of the new COVID-19 vaccine among OMS students, which mirrored the general public's low acceptance rate. Better education of OMS about vaccination benefits and the vaccine development process may increase future immunization rates.

Publication Date: 

2021 Dec



Janabi, AT., Chinsky, R., Pino, AM. (2021) 'Perceptions of COVID-19 vaccines among osteopathic medical students (OMS) ', Int J Osteopath Med. 2021 Dec;42:23-28.

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