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Reactive attachment disorder: a preventable mental health disease


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J Chiropr Med. 2004 Spring;3(2):69-75.


James J Lehman, Shereen K Jegtvig


Objective: To discuss attachment disorders; most specifically, Reactive Attachment Disorder, its etiology, background causes, symptoms, and its prevention with the intervention of allopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic, and osteopathic physicians.

Methods: An online search and review of the literature regarding Reactive Attachment Disorder was performed through Pubmed and Google. The articles, interview information, and books utilized for this paper were selected by historical significance, date of publication, pertinent information, and, most specifically, those sources of pertinent data regarding Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Discussion: Reactive Attachment Disorder is a mental health disease with neurological implications, which may be caused by abuse during the first five years of life. Recognition of this disease, its background causes, and knowledge of effective parenting guidelines, are reasonable expectations for all physicians and mental health care providers.

Conclusion: A collaborative effort by all physicians to prevent Reactive Attachment Disorder through the implementation of effective parenting might reduce the incidence of this mental health disease in children and adults.

Publication Date: 

2004 Jan



Lehman, JJ., Jegtvig, KS. (2004) 'Reactive attachment disorder: a preventable mental health disease ', J Chiropr Med. 2004 Spring;3(2):69-75.

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