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Reconceptualizing Somatic Dysfunction in the Light of a Neuroaesthetic Enactive Paradigm


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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Healthcare (Basel). 2023 Feb 7;11(4):479.doi: 10.3390/healthcare11040479


Giacomo Consorti, Carmine Castagna, Marco Tramontano, Mauro Longobardi, Paolo Castagna, Daniele Di Lernia, Christian Lunghi


Background: Palpatory findings are considered a central element of osteopathic practice, especially when associated with a patient's altered regulative functions than with named somatic dysfunctions. Although osteopathic theories for somatic dysfunction could be plausible, the clinical applicability of the concept is debated, especially because it is largely related to simple cause-effect models of osteopathic care. In contrast to a linear kind of diagnosis of a "tissue as a producer of symptoms", this perspective article aims to provide a conceptual and operational framework in which the somatic dysfunction evaluation process is seen as a neuroaesthetic (en)active encounter between osteopath and patient. Subsections relevant to the subject: To summarize all concepts of the hypothesis, the enactive neuroaesthetics principles are proposed as a critical foundation for the osteopathic assessment and treatment of the person, specifically addressing a new paradigm for somatic dysfunction. Conclusions, and future directions: The present perspective article represents a proposition to blend technical rationality informed by neurocognitive and social sciences, and professional artistry clinical experience informed by traditional tenets, to overcome the controversy around somatic dysfunction, rather than dismissing the concept.

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2023 Feb



Consorti, G., Castagna, C., Tramontano, M., Longobardi, M., Castagna, P., Lernia, DD., Lunghi, C. (2023) 'Reconceptualizing Somatic Dysfunction in the Light of a Neuroaesthetic Enactive Paradigm', Healthcare (Basel). 2023 Feb 7;11(4):479.doi: 10.3390/healthcare11040479

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