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Reflections on osteopathic fascia treatment in the peripheral nervous system


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J Pain Res. 2015 Oct 30;8:735-40.


Bruno Bordoni, Giovanni Bordoni


The peripheral nerve is composed of several layers of fascia tissue, which can become a source of pain if the way they slide is impeded. It is only recently that fascial osteopathy research has been aimed at understanding what happens to the fascia following treatment, and as a result of previous studies, we are able to highlight some of the benefits, including a reduction in local pain and inflammation. The osteopathic approach to the fascial system of the peripheral nerve does not have a grounding in scientific research, being based instead on the clinical experience of individual operators, despite peripheral nerve palpation being used as a method to evaluate and test its function. The authors wish to encourage the initiation of new research in the fields of academic and clinical osteopathy that is aimed at quantifying the possible benefits a patient may derive from osteopathic treatment of the peripheral nerve.

Publication Date: 

2015 Oct



Bordoni, B., Bordoni, G. (2015) 'Reflections on osteopathic fascia treatment in the peripheral nervous system ', J Pain Res. 2015 Oct 30;8:735-40.

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