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Relief of internal snapping hip syndrome in a marathon runner after chiropractic treatment


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J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2005 Jan;28(1):e1-7.


Clark R Konczak, Rick Ames


Objective: To discuss the assessment, diagnosis and chiropractic management of a patient with sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJ) complicated by psoas major snapping hip syndrome (coxa saltans interna). Clinical features: A 32-year-old male marathon runner experienced low-back and left hip pain without radiation accompanied by a "popping" in the anterior hip. He ran approximately 100 to 150 km/wk for the prior 3 years. He had stopped running for the previous 3 weeks because of worsening and consistent pain. Intervention and outcome: Treatment consisted of side posture SIJ "diversified" manipulation and myofascial release to the psoas muscle twice weekly for 2 weeks. The patient was also taught proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation exercises of the psoas and iliotibial band muscles. He was instructed to substitute swimming instead of running on a daily basis. Reassessment at 3 weeks found the patient without pain in his hip or back and no clicking or popping in his left hip. Conclusion: Clinicians should consider that runners who present with coexisting SIJ dysfunction and internal snapping hip syndrome may benefit from the combined management of both conditions.

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2005 Jan



Konczak, RC., Ames, R. (2005) 'Relief of internal snapping hip syndrome in a marathon runner after chiropractic treatment', J Manipulative Physiol Ther.2005 Jan;28(1):e1-7.

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