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Results of the 1994 National Resident Matching Program: family practice


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Fam Med. 1994 Sep;26(8):487-91.


N B Kahn Jr, G Schmittling, D J Ostergaard, R Graham


The 1994 National Resident Matching Program results reveal a 14% increase in positions filled in family practice residencies, compared with 1993 (2,293 vs 2,002) and a 13% increase in positions filled by US seniors (1,850 vs 1,636). Similarly, 9% more positions were filled on July 1, 1994, than 1993 (3,040 vs 2,798). For the first time, in 1994 more than 3,000 first-year residency positions were filled in family practice. One hundred more US seniors matched in internal medicine, and 74 more US seniors matched in pediatrics. Given the anticipated career choices of students entering residency training in the generalist disciplines, it is expected that 31% of the class of 1994 (Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)-accredited medical schools) will practice as generalists. An 8% increase in first-year positions offered, and the development of 10% new Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-accredited family practice residency programs could accommodate 20% of the nation's graduates of LCME- and American Osteopathic Association-accredited medical schools. With increasing interest in family practice careers, increased support for the nation's family practice residency programs is critical.

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1994 Sep



Jr, KahnBN., Schmittling, G., Ostergaard, JD., Graham, R. (1994) 'Results of the 1994 National Resident Matching Program: family practice ', Fam Med. 1994 Sep;26(8):487-91.

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