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The crisis in osteopathic medicine


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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Acad Med. 1992 Dec;67(12):810-6.


C T Meyer, A Price


During the last 30 years the osteopathic profession has undergone a remarkable transformation from osteopathy, characterized by manipulative therapy, to osteopathic medicine, characterized by full-service health care, and in the process it has won acceptance from the government, the military, and physicians. These changes in status have resulted in new problems for the profession, because D.O. graduates are turning increasingly toward M.D. programs for residency training, and osteopathic medicine's primary care orientation is being replaced by an emphasis on specialty training. The authors advocate that osteopathic medicine return to its original mission of primary care, abandon specialty training or restrict it to those who have completed primary care residencies, abolish its separate-but-equal posture, and establish lines of communication with allopathic medicine and the American Medical Association to facilitate the development of a rational national policy for primary care that considers the potential osteopathy has to offer in meeting the nation's primary care needs.

Publication Date: 

1992 Dec



Meyer, TC., Price, A. (1992) 'The crisis in osteopathic medicine ', Acad Med. 1992 Dec;67(12):810-6.

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