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The effects of shiatsu on post-term pregnancy


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Visceral and pregnancy

Complement Ther Med.2005 Mar;13(1):11-5.


J Ingram, C Domagala, S Yates


Objectives: To evaluate the effects of shiatsu techniques, as taught by hospital midwives, on the progress of post-term labours and deliveries, to inform practice. Design and setting: A pilot audit on the use of shiatsu for post-term pregnancy at St. Michael's Hospital, Bristol, from March to July 2000. Interventions: Sixty-six women, who attended a consultant clinic hospital appointment at 40 weeks gestation, were taught the massage techniques by one midwife, who had completed the shiatsu course. Seventy-six comparison women were those who attended similar clinics when the midwife was not on duty. Outcomes: The audit extracted outcome information from the Stork hospital database including induction, type of delivery, length of labour and analgesia used. Results: Post-term women who used shiatsu were significantly more likely to labour spontaneously than those who did not (p=0.038). Of those who had used shiatsu, 17% more went into spontaneous labour compared to those who were not taught shiatsu.

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2005 Mar



Ingram, J., Domagala, C., Yates, S. (2005) 'The effects of shiatsu on post-term pregnancy', Complement Ther Med.2005 Mar;13(1):11-5.

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