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The Osteopath's Imprint: Osteopathic Medicine Under the Nanoscopic Lens


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Visceral and pregnancy,Fascial

Cureus.2023 Jan 18;15(1):e33914.


B Bordoni, A R Escher


Scientific literature demonstrates how osteopathic manipulative treatments (OMT) are able to improve various somatic functional parameters, change somato-visceral and viscero-somatic reflexes toward a more physiological mechano-metabolic environment and, consequently, bring benefits to patients. These benefits can be long-lasting or short-lived. Multiple reasons can be found to explain the positive responses to OMT, ranging from neurological, vascular, lymphatic, and endocrine explanations. Not only the techniques, but the touch of the clinician prove to be important factors for a favorable adaptation by the patient. Another science capable of explaining the change in cellular status and from which reflections that pave the way for observing the human body in a different light can be extrapolated is quantum physics. The latter is rarely taken into consideration to obtain possible explanations of the physical events that occur between the clinician and the patient. The article tries to put the effects of OMT under the light of a new lens: the nanoscopic.

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2023 Jan



Bordoni, B., Escher, RA. (2023) 'The Osteopath's Imprint: Osteopathic Medicine Under the Nanoscopic Lens', Cureus.2023 Jan 18;15(1):e33914.

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