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Use of complementary healthcare practices among chiropractors in the United States: a survey


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Structural and chiropractic

Altern Ther Health Med.1999 Jan;5(1):56-62.


C Hawk, L Byrd, R D Jansen, C R Long


Context: Although chiropractic is the most commonly used complementary healthcare practice, chiropractors have not been surveyed in depth about their attitudes toward and practice of complementary and alternative therapies apart from spinal manipulation. Objectives: To examine attitudes among US chiropractors on the role of their profession in complementary healthcare and to gather data on the types of complementary healthcare practices chiropractors use. Design: Descriptive, cross-sectional study using a mail-in survey. Setting: United States. Participants: Random sample of US chiropractors stratified by zip code region. Results: A total of 563 surveys were completed, for a response rate of 30%. Respondents were almost equally divided on their responses to the question "Do you feel that chiropractic should at the present time be termed 'complementary'?" Although many respondents (68%) believed that chiropractic was viewed as a therapeutic modality, more (82%) believed that it should be viewed as a complete system. The therapies most commonly used by respondents in their practice were acupressure (72%), massage (72%), mineral supplements (63%), and herbs (56%). Conclusion: The disparity between the established view of chiropractic as synonymous with spinal manipulation and the profession's view of chiropractic as a complete system indicates a need for better interprofessional communication.

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1999 Jan



Hawk, C., Byrd, L., Jansen, DR., Long, RC. (1999) 'Use of complementary healthcare practices among chiropractors in the United States: a survey', Altern Ther Health Med.1999 Jan;5(1):56-62.

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