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Davelaar, FMC. (2021) 'A Clinical Review of Slipping Rib Syndrome ', Curr Sports Med Rep. 2021 Mar 1;20(3):164-168.

Curr Sports Med Rep. 2021 Mar 1;20(3):164-168.

A Clinical Review of Slipping Rib Syndrome

Cassidy M Foley Davelaar


Slipping rib syndrome is pain created at the lower, anterior border of the rib cage when performing upper-extremity activities, coughing, laughing, or leaning over. Defects in the costal cartilage of ribs 8 to 10 result in increased movement of the ribs, impinging soft tissue and intercostal nerves. Advancements have been made in the diagnosis of slipping rib syndrome by dynamic ultrasound. Ultrasound can identify abnormalities in the rib and cartilage anatomy, as well as soft tissue swelling. Although the mainstays of treatment continue to be reassurance, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, intercostal nerve injections, osteopathic manipulative treatment, surgery for refractory pain, and botulinum toxin injections have been attempted, and there may be a role for prolotherapy in treatment. Surgical techniques are being examined secondary to recurrence of pain following resection. The hooking maneuver and surgery remain important for identification and treatment, respectively.

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