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Sikorski, MJ. (1985) 'A rationalized approach to physiotherapy for low-back pain', Spine (Phila Pa 1976).1985 Jul-Aug;10(6):571-9.

Spine (Phila Pa 1976).1985 Jul-Aug;10(6):571-9.

A rationalized approach to physiotherapy for low-back pain

J M Sikorski


A systematic approach to low-back pain is presented that relies on the classification of patients according to their symptoms. Rational systems of physiotherapy are proposed for each group and incorporated into an algorithmn. One hundred forty-two patients with mechanical low-back pain have been treated, and their response has been assessed by means of a postal questionnaire. Patients were offered an educational program, exercises, spinal manipulation, spinal supports, and analgesic medication. Eighteen percent of patients became completely free of pain, and 59% experienced a reduction in pain level. The most effective treatment was education in back care, followed closely by an exercise program. The responses were different in the various subgroups, and a series of revised flow charts is presented.

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