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Arslan, S., Dinç, E., Arslan, T. (2023) 'Are YouTube videos claiming to describe lumbar spinal manipulation techniques adequate?', J Man Manip Ther.2023 Aug 8;1-7

J Man Manip Ther.2023 Aug 8;1-7

Are YouTube videos claiming to describe lumbar spinal manipulation techniques adequate?

Serdar Arslan, Engin Dinç, Tuğba Arslan


Background and objective: YouTube has become a digital visual library in almost all fields of life, including medicine. Healthcare professionals and students frequently use YouTube to gain new skills and knowledge; however, the content of these videos has not been scientifically evaluated. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the descriptive adequacy and quality of YouTube videos on lumbar spine manipulation techniques (LSMTs) prepared by different healthcare professionals. Methods: The first 50 most relevant videos retrieved on searching YouTube for the keyword 'lumbar spinal manipulation techniques' were included in the study. The video metrics (total duration, number of views, time since upload, number of comments, number of likes, and number of dislikes) that could be accessed from video descriptions were recorded. However the videos were scored according to manipulation definition criteria proposed by the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT manipulation description score - AAOMPT-MDS) and benchmark criteria for quality of digital content by the Journal of American Medical Association's (JAMA). The video metrics, AAOMPT-MDS and JAMA scores of the videos prepared by medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists were compared. Results: Video metrics of groups were similar. The mean AAOMPT-MDS of the videos was 2.40 ± 1.57 out of 6.00 (higher score was better), and the mean JAMA score was 2.14 ± 1.05 out of 4.00 (higher score was better). Videos created by all professional groups had statistically comparable AAOMPT-MDS and JAMA scores (p > 0.05). Conclusion: Although YouTube videos on LSMTs offer valuable information for professionals and students, creators should follow the proposed recommendations when producing these videos to ensure quality content and systematic presentation.

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