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Corts, M. (2021) 'Cause-effect chains after distal radius fracture from an osteopathic perspective', Unfallchirurg. 2021 Jun;124(6):446-455.

Unfallchirurg. 2021 Jun;124(6):446-455.

Cause-effect chains after distal radius fracture from an osteopathic perspective

M Corts


Osteopathy as a manual procedure is an important therapeutic tool in postoperative care. The essence of diagnostic and manual medical procedures in osteopathy is explained. The clinical procedure of osteopathic work is presented on the basis of a case study of a distal radius fracture and cause-effect chains are dealt with in depth. Pain can have its origin in another region of the body than where it occurs. The functional significance of the fasciae and myofascial chains is examined in more detail. Finally, the range of applications and effects of osteopathy in postoperative care are presented.

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