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Myhrvold, K. (1999) 'Chiropractic in general and in low back pain', Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen.1999 May 30;119(14):2054-8.

Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen.1999 May 30;119(14):2054-8.

Chiropractic in general and in low back pain

K Myhrvold


The practice of chiropractic was for many years regulated by "The Quack Act" in Norway, and the numbers of chiropractors decreased year by year. They are now authorized health care practitioners with academic training; most Norwegian students attending courses in chiropractic or clinical biomechanics go to European universities. An international council ensures reciprocity and a quality assured academic programme in all recognized colleges of chiropractic. Recent research have broadened our understanding of the biomechanical interrelationship between the nervous system, the musculature and the skeletal articulations. In the early 1990s, several studies documented favourable effect of chiropractic treatment of low back disorders. These studies are now substantiated by new studies, especially concerning cost-effectiveness. Several reports also give evidence that chiropractic manipulation is beneficial especially in combination with light exercise. There are conflicting results concerning the efficacy of varying types of exercise programmes. Patients may benefit from increased cooperation between medical doctors and chiropractors. Most acute low back syndromes should be assessed by the chiropractor in order to prevent chronic illness.

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