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Hammer, JC. (2004) 'Chiropractic management and rehabilitation of a 38-year-old male with an L5-s1 disc herniation', J Chiropr Med.2004 Autumn;3(4):145-52.

J Chiropr Med.2004 Autumn;3(4):145-52.

Chiropractic management and rehabilitation of a 38-year-old male with an L5-s1 disc herniation

C J Hammer


Objective: To present a chiropractic treatment plan for a patient with lumbar disc herniation including radicular symptoms below the knee. Clinical features: A 38-year-old male experienced lumbar disc herniation with radicular symptoms to the lower extremities, below the knee. Etiology of this episode included a traumatic injury which was complicated by chronic degenerative joint and disc changes. Intervention and outcome: The treatment regime included chiropractic spinal manipulation, modalities and exercise rehabilitation. Specific rehabilitation exercises were used during various stages of healing in an attempt to stabilize a potential surgical case. Goals of care were to alleviate pain, increase function, and decrease peripheralization related to disc herniation in this case. The patient reached a level of functional biomechanical stability over 15 weeks. Conclusion: This case demonstrates that with proper management, rehabilitation of a patient with disc herniation can be reached in a short duration of time.

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