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Bernard, M., Tuchin, P. (2016) 'Chiropractic Management of Pregnancy-Related Lumbopelvic Pain: A Case Study', J Chiropr Med.2016 Jun;15(2):129-33.

J Chiropr Med.2016 Jun;15(2):129-33.

Chiropractic Management of Pregnancy-Related Lumbopelvic Pain: A Case Study

M Bernard, P Tuchin


Objective: The purpose of this case report is to describe chiropractic management of a patient with pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain. Clinical features: A pregnant 35-year-old woman experienced insidious moderate to severe pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain and leg pain at 32 weeks' gestation. Pain limited her endurance capacity for walking and sitting. Clinical testing revealed a left sacroiliac joint functional disturbance and myofascial trigger points reproducing back and leg pain. Intervention and outcome: A diagnosis of pregnancy-related low back pain and pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain was made. The patient was treated with chiropractic spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, exercises, and ergonomic advice in 13 visits over 6 weeks. She consulted her obstetrician for her weekly obstetric visits. At the end of treatment, her low back pain reduced from 7 to 2 on a 0-10 numeric pain scale rating. Functional activities reported such as walking, sitting, and traveling comfortably in a car had improved. Conclusion: This patient with pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain improved in pain and function after chiropractic treatment and usual obstetric management.

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