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Lawrence, JD. (2001) 'Chiropractic manipulation for the foot: Diversified chiropractic techniques', Man Ther.2001 May;6(2):66-71.

Man Ther.2001 May;6(2):66-71.

Chiropractic manipulation for the foot: Diversified chiropractic techniques

D J Lawrence


There has been increasing acceptance and development of manual methods in providing for the needs of patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction. Several professions have helped fuel this growth, including the chiropractic profession. To date, there has been only a small amount of collaboration between chiropractors and physical therapists. This paper provides a base foundation for one small part of general chiropractic practice, i.e. procedures used for manipulating the foot. Information is provided about the specific diagnostic procedures used by the chiropractic profession in assessing the joints and soft tissues of the foot, followed by descriptions of a number of chiropractic manipulative techniques drawn from the form of chiropractic in widest usage, Diversified technique. For each technique, information is provided on indications for use, patient position, therapist position, hand placements and procedure. In addition, a short discussion on the genesis of Diversified technique is provided.

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